Life during the covid 19 pandemic: A series of diary blog posts.

YAAY!!! Your Adventure Awaits You!,

Everyday is an adventure and life is an adventure. For this past year I have neglected this blog and myself to some degree. Having time off during covid 19, has allowed me to step back and refocus. Like everyone else I’m sure, there have been days when I have been left confused, others super energetic and sometimes just simply bored out of my head.

Now that things are slowly returning to normal, I feel like I can truly reflect on these few weeks. Did the world need to stop and pause, was there something we were all blind to or was it simply a “plague” that was long overdue?

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting diary accounts about my experience during the past few weeks. This blog is about lifes adventures, and to experience the whole world in lockdown is probably the biggest adventure we will all experience together in our lifetime. Also who knows what the world of travel may look like from now on.

edited laptop pic
choosing to continue reaching for my dreams and appreciating what and who I have in my life

I hope by sharing my experiences and feelings throughout this period, it will bring you comfort in regards to how you yourself have felt during this time. Like many others, I had lost my job, was not entitled to immediate help, messed about in regards to job posts, took on a gardening project and fell into the trap of self isolation late night online shopping.

Most heartbreaking of all, was having to postpone my wedding. The original date now passed, it would have been a beautiful sunny spring day. However I and all of you have made it through, we get to see another day and the sun is still shining upon us.

I hope this is the beginning of a better and more rewarding new start to life.

Sending my love to you all




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