One day in France on Queens Wharf, Auckland

One day in France on Queens Wharf, Auckland


queens warf ring
Just in case someone decides to go for a dip

Queens Warf in Auckland is a cool place to just lean back and relax. I have never been here before and I was not disappointed. This is a place you could easily spend a good half an hour or more between shopping or sightseeing.

The Warf is made of concrete and lined with wooden, curved loungers, seats and benches. On a hot summers day, you would be forgiven if you were to fall asleep, after all, who wouldn’t with stunning views of the Waitemata Harbour at your feet! Boats passing by and a cool breeze keeps you cool as you take a book with you to enjoy reading or simply to take a break from walking.

Queens Warf has two signature buildings the Cloud and Shed 10, making it more of a reason to visit. The Cloud is a contemporary building designed by Jasmax, reflecting Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud. Shed 10 is the last remaining cargo shed on Queens Warf built in 1910. Both buildings are sought out venues for events, exhibitions, markets and more. So you never know what is taking place there when you visit.

I visited recently and they had an event on in Shed 10 called “One Day in France”. It was not a big event however it was interesting and I did treat myself to a few delicious food treats as you do. There was a wide variety of stalls: language stalls, make your own beeswax candles, arts and crafts, chocolate and confectionary and of course food.

 I have to say the queues were very long, however still worth the wait. I treated myself to onion soup and a tutti fruitti éclair from La Fourchette.

These tutti fruitti eclairs are extremely girly and very sweet but what do you expect when you ask for a sweet inspired éclair? With pink frosting and an ample amount of sweets covering the surface, this dessert is not for those on a diet. Not only did it look like a éclair fit for a princess, it also tasted magical. Surprisingly the filling was pink and sweet as opposed to the normal cream filling, making it a treat I could enjoy and take pleasure in devouring.


pink frosted sweet inspired eclair
Nothing says “princess” eclair like this


tutti frutti eclair
Eclair heaven (drooling)

I will definitely visit this store in the future and see what other goodies they make.


Before heading home, I bought a few posh chocolates, because well……they are my weakness. I love posh chocolates, I like to take my time and not eat them all at once, although sometimes it is really hard not to. When you see these chocolates you will understand why compulsion got the best of me and you can let me know if you would do the same. These chocolates were from a stall named Philippe’s Chocolate.


Gourmet chocolate
A moment on my lips, these are worth the lifetime on my hips.


Now, these chocolates have attitude, not only do they look amazing and almost too good to eat. Notice how I said almost? yes “almost” because they are going to be in my belly very soon yum! I chose Raspberry (the lips), fig (the diamond faceted one) and I cannot remember the heart flavour, sorry. They had a large selection of flavours ranging from traditional to some very creative ones. There would be something for everyone, that I am certain unless you do not like chocolate in which case maybe try one of their pastries.

That sums up my little visit to Queens Warf in Auckland and I hope you enjoyed reading my post. I have included the links to the stores below, in case you want to have a little nosey or find out more information. Also turns out this event was advertised on eventfinda, a great way to find out what events are happening around the country.


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