Christmas in the park with Coca-Cola

Christmas in the park
Christmas in the park stage


Christmas in the park is an annual Christmas concert hosted by Coca-cola in support of youth line. Creating youth development programmes to encourage and support the youth of New Zealand to achieve and accomplish their goals.

Christmas in the park has been running annually for 24 years now and is held in both the North Island (Auckland) and in the South Island (Christchurch). A free event the whole family can enjoy.

I arrived early to the park and guess what?, I received a free 300ml bottle of sugar-free coca-cola. How awesome is that? not only that but it was freezing cold, just what you need on a hot summers day.




Christmas head band on
Making ourselves comfortable 




It was so weird to be in the sun, in the park with an elf headband on, sipping on ice cold drinks and watching a concert. In England, it would now be winter, therefore: dark, grey, cold and probably raining. Looking around I saw some great festive outfits, from traditional Christmas dress up to a man dressed in fairy lights.


waiting for hot dogs
Food !!

With a picnic blanket, snacks and my sunglasses on I was ready to enjoy the show. With a whole host of singers and entertainers lined up, the show ran from sunset to late at night.

Fun fact: Kiwis call chips, hot chips so not to get them confused with crisp ……are you confused yet? The joys of how the English language is used throughout the globe 🙂

In order to raise money for youth line, they were selling foam glow sticks, which really brightened the park and created a true party atmosphere as the sun disappeared and the night sky settled in.

Coca-cola Christmas in the park concert
Party people 🙂


live acts on stage
Singing and dancing

There was a countdown for the turning on of the Christmas lights and a grand finale fireworks display. The perfect ending to a great evening.

Fireworks and christmas tree
Finishing with a bang

After the show, they had a bus service called the event bus which took you straight to Britomart in the city center. Where you can catch many of the connecting buses. One thing to note, please check bus times as New Zealand does not have many late bus services.

Can’t wait to go to the next Christmas in the park when I will be on the South Island, YAAY!!.

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