Baylys beach on the Kauri coast (West coast New Zealand)

After work I went to Baylys beach, a 15 minutes drive from Dargaville. On a wide sandy shore, it is one of the few beaches you can drive on. Though be careful as there are pit holes at the top of the beach, and check the tide before going. The tides on the East coast are fierce, and many ships and boats have been shipwrecked.

If swimming ensure other people are around as there are no lifeguards patrolling the beach. As mentioned above at the top of the beach there are off-shore holes and rips which make swimming unsafe. Besides that, it is an awesome place to go surfing and other water sports.

Seagulls amongst the waves

I did not take a light lunch and soon regretted it, as I spent a few hours there and was hungry soon enough. I love the sea, although I am not a beach holiday person I enjoy listening to the waves as they crash and getting lost in thought as I look out to sea. I also enjoy people watching *covering my eyes*- yes I am nosey.

Father and son playing

Walking along the beach I saw a father and son playing near the waves, two friends riding their horses on the shore, a car taking a dog for a run and countless other amusing scenes that made me smile and want to take a picture 🙂

Horse riding on the beach

Lining the beach are cliff faces and sand dunes, it takes 15 minutes to walk between Baylys beach and Chases Gorge, two small neighbouring coastal settlements. If you have small children, you can look for and collect the occasional sea shells as you walk along.There is also a lookout point where you can see for miles .

Baylys beach

The only thing you should be aware of, is that besides parking on the beach and at the near camp site. The only other place I could see where you could park was a small bay just off the road which could accommodate about four cars. So just be aware you may end up parking on the beach.

Sunset at Baylys beach

Overall it is a great place to spend a few hours basking in the sun and enjoying some time out. 🙂

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